Cape Mountain & Field offers experiences of nature and outdoor adventure that stay with you for life.

  • Guided walking and hiking encounters with mountains, pristine nature, yourself and good company
  • Planned programmes that help singles, couples, families and friends get mountain fit, meet people and find their way confidently in mountain, field and forest
  • Outdoor adventure and nature experiences for schools, faith communities, businesses and groups of friends
  • Personal, relational and leadership enhancement experiences that transform working environments

More than the view …

The mountains call and you wonder, “What’s it like up there? How do I get there? Is it dangerous? What will I see? Can I do it?” You have to find out.

Cape Mountain & Field will show you the crags up close, mountain streams, kestrels, falcons, sunbirds and sugarbirds among the ericas, proteas, restios, bushes and bulbs flowering in secret places.

You’ll do more than you thought and stop to rest with a friend, a snack, a warm mug and a view for your soul.

No need to worry about getting lost, how to get help if you need it, having the right equipment and how long it takes to get back.

Cape Mountain & Field’s friendly, fit, trained, registered and experienced guides will take you where you’ve never been before and make you feel right at home.

Mountain fitness is all round wellness…

Get fit in the mountains – anything else is a substitute. Cape Mountain & Field’s graded programme of mountain walking, hiking and climbing starts you off easily and takes you, step by step, to new heights in your personal fitness in the mountains. On the way, learn mountaineering skills and the secrets of the natural environment.

sroom Earth…

Cape Mountain & Field provides outdoor adventure and nature education programmes at Camp Africa, near Scarborough south of Cape Town. Schools, Faith Communities, NGO’s and businesses rely on Cape Mountain & Field and Camp Africa to provide exciting, interesting and life enriching experiences that participants talk about for years and keep coming back for more.

Being, belonging, becoming…

Who you are and how you relate makes the difference in the workplace. Cape Mountain & Field provides environments and experiences that help you know yourself and get along with others in ways that are fun, creative and productive. Being close to nature sets you free to be more natural, relate more naturally with others and as creative as Earth itself.